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How Taste, Texture and Tolerability Affect Enterography Prep

In small bowel imaging, distention is the name of the game Unfortunately, in order to get the desired bowel distention for imaging, patients must ingest a large volume of fluid: usually 1350 – 1500ML, approximately 44 – 51 fluid ounces, within a 45 minute time-frame. To complicate matters, many patients in enterography are instructed to drink a 1% barium sulfate suspension which has a viscosity of 80.5cP in order to distend the small bowel. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. The higher the viscosity, the more resistant to flow a fluid will be. For comparison purposes, water, arguably the most drinkable fluid for humans, has a viscosity of .899cP. A fluid with a viscosity of 80.5cP has a viscosity closer to light-weight cooking oils – corn oil has a viscosity of 72cP, olive oil a viscosity of 84cP. The higher the viscosity of a fluid, the harder it is for patients to drink the entire amount of fluid needed for their exam Breeza flavored beverage for neutral abdominal imaging is a non-carbonated, sugar-free, gluten-free beverage with a light, refreshing lemon-lime flavor and a viscosity of 10.5cP which is slightly more viscous than water, providing a better "mouth feel" and palatability for patients. Researchers representing the divisions of radiology, gastroenterology, and biostatistics at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, NY) performing an evaluation of patient tolerance, efficacy, and willingness to repeat the procedure found that Breeza flavored beverage for neutral/abdominal imaging scored significantly higher in taste, ease of drinking, and willingness to repeat the drinking protocol than the barium sulfate solution. For the full studies, refer to the related below.

  • Aligns with current ACR recommendations
  • Reduces risk of false negatives and false positives.
  • Reduces unnecessary additional views and callbacks
  • Provides visual documentation of breast anatomy from year to year and when transferring images

This tastes better than the white chalky barium

"Had a small bowel CT scan at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN this afternoon and now I have the absolute worst gas and gas pain. This tastes better than the white chalky barium and is much easier to drink but I don't ever remember having unbearable gas and gas pain from it. But the taste and how easy it goes down without needing anti-nausea medication is worth it!"

Breeza® for neutral/abdominal imaging

Improve drinking compliance and patient satisfaction for those undergoing enterography exams.

Breeza® Flavored Beverage for Neutral Abdominal / Pelvic Imaging 221

221 24 bottles / case sugar-free, gluten-free, lemon-lime flavored beverage packaged in 16.9oz bottles preprinted patient identification labels and straws included Also available through Cardinal Health™, some restrictions apply