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NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS utilizes UPS as our preferred shipper for orders shipped on NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS's account outside of the United States. You can expect delivery of international orders within 5 business days from the date the order ships.

Yes, please request via email info@NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT

Yes, we can ship via DHL, UPS or FedEx on your own shipping account. There is a $7.95 handling fee.

NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS has a wide network of approved distributors in many parts of the world. To learn of a distributor in your area, please visit the Find a Distributor web page.

Prepayment is required for overseas shipments via credit card, wire transfer, or international money order. To receive your shipment in the timeliest manner, credit card payment is recommended at time of order placement. Product is shipped within one business day after payment is received.

Yes, there is a $30.00 wire transfer fee.

NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS SPOTĀ® products come in clear, round, plastic packaging that allows for easy-flow, jam-free dispensing. Customers can readily see when they are running low on product. All other products are packaged in cardboard boxes.

Pricing is determined based on many factors including volume, length of established contract, term of agreement, etc.

To learn more, download our booklet on Global Partnerships, visit the Become a Distributor page, or email info@NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT for a distributor application form.