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Introducing iFIX, a hygienic and comfortable patient stabilization system with multiple applications

FIX patient stabilization system helps increase patient comfort while keeping patient in required position. iFIX ensures stability of soft and hard tissue to avoid undesirable movements during procedure.

Versatile, Comfortable, Sanitary

Comprised of both reusable and single-use components, iFIX's versatile design allows for a variety of uses offering a head-to-toe solution for patient stabilization in multiple modalities. The comfortable iFIX Fleece stretches and gently "hugs" the contours of the patient's body for gentle, yet secure stabilization. iFIX’s Fleece and other single-use components allow for increased hygiene, and lower the risk of cross-contamination over other methods. Ideal for CT • MRI • X-Ray • Fluoroscopy • Ultrasound

The unique micro-anchors of the iFIX Patches and Adapters strongly secure the iFIX Fleece to ensure optimal patient stabilization thus minimizing motion artifact.

Single-use fleece, reusable patches, and slot adapters are compatible with:

CT • MRI • RT • OR tables

IFIX Fleece

iFIX Fleece 15

REF 16304 QTY 200m cut to measure roll/box

  • Single-Use
  • For patient stabilization

FIX Fleece 50

REF 17674 QTY 30m cut to measure roll/box

  • Single-Use
  • For patient stabilization