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Initiatives & Partnerships

NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS has a long, successful history of partnering with inventors, other manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to bring new products to market. If you have an idea for a new or improved disposable medical device, or simply a possible solution or opportunity for improvement to patient care, facility processes, or clinical outcomes – we want to talk with you.

WMB Enterprises

Strategic growth through joint ventures and product acquisitions. WMB Enterprises helps individuals and companies looking for a partner to bring a product idea to market or to increase sales and market penetration of existing products.

Our company size allows us to take on projects that may be turned down by larger companies and we only accept the projects that truly interest us. We offer fair, standard royalty rates and a collaborative work environment. You decide how much you would like to participate in the process. No investment from inventors is required. NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS will handle the entire process from research, engineering, and patenting, to sales and marketing. It only takes an idea to start our process. While any prototype you may have created is appreciated, NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS does not require any specific designs from you.

NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS is most interested in single-use, disposable medical devices. While our current products are sold primarily to radiology, surgery and radiation oncology, we are very open to new products and markets. To get started, contact to obtain a confidentiality agreement. Once we receive your signed confidentiality agreement, you will be contacted by the Senior Manager, Product Development & Joint Ventures to discuss your idea. The following information will be helpful at this time: Description of the product concept (exact design not required) Problem the concept solves Target audience / market Known competitive products

Breeza® Flavored Beverage for Oral Iodinated Contrast Breeza® Flavored Beverage for use with Oral Iodinated Contrast A radiologist saw a need to make oral iodinated contrasts more palatable for patients and more convenient for CT departments to administer. He partnered with NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS to develop a beverage that masks the bitter taste of oral iodinated contrasts and is now earning royalties on a product that improves the patient experience and saves time for the department. MarginMap® Specimen Orientation Charms MarginMap® Specimen Orientation Charms This concept came from a radiologist and surgeon who recognized a need for clearer, more standardized communication of breast specimen margins. After working with NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS on design and testing, they are now earning royalties while eliminating delays and questions that used to occur between surgery, radiology and pathology. NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS Skin Marking System® for Mammography NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS Skin Marking System® for Mammography Seeing limits of using solely pellet-style skin markers for various points of interest in mammography, a radiologist brought the idea of specific shapes to identify specific findings on the breast (moles, scars, palpable masses and nipples) to NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS . After testing shapes and materials, a standardized marking system was created. Widely used in mammography, this inventor’s idea earned significant royalties while improving patient care and medical documentation. Elequil® Aromatherapy for the Clinical Setting Elequil aromatabs® aromatherapy for the clinical setting A former ultrasonographer partnered with NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS to transfer her personal belief in the power of aromatherapy into a professional product for administering aromatherapy in medical settings as a way to help relax and distract patients during their procedures. She is now earning royalties while helping patients manage stress and helping facilities increase patient satisfaction. Cradles® Needle Localization Wire Protectors Cradles® Needle Localization Wire Protectors After years of struggling with tape, gauze, and cups, a mammography technologist partnered with NORSK MEDISINALDEPOT AS to develop a better way to secure needle localization wires until removal in the OR. She is now earning royalties on a product that offers a more professional and effective method of localization wire management.